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Welcome to ‘Which Guitar’ the FREE ‘E-zine’ designed for gigging guitar and bass players.

We all love to see and read about those wonderful, expensive dream guitars and basses and the team here at Which Guitar is no exception. We are also gigging guitarists on limited budgets who need the right tool for the job at a reasonable, affordable price that we are happy to take to gigs and risk getting dinged when it accidentally gets knocked off its stand!

Our aim is to bring you the facts about the electric guitars, acoustic guitars, basses, amplifiers and accessories that real, gigging musicians are using day-to-day (or evening-to-evening!). Which guitar and model they are using; what style of music they play; why they chose that particular guitar, bass or amplifier and how they have modified or customised them to really give the sound and feel of the style of music they are playing.  Hopefully, we should give you all the information you need to choose the right guitar for that new band you have just joined and give you insights into how to look after your prized instrument and get the best out it.

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Each issue, we will bring you articles about the instruments, amps and accessories being used by real gigging musicians – and if you are a gigging musician yourself, then we would love to hear from you about the guitar you are using and the type of music you are playing – so please contact us here at ‘Which Guitar’ by going to our contact page. We will send you a simple template to complete about your electric guitar, acoustic guitar or bass and the modifications (if any) that you have made to it.  If you wish to remain anonymous, then that’s fine but we are also happy to feature you, your guitar and your band if you want the publicity.