Takamine Acoustic Guitar Model: EG523SC

Takamine Acoustic Guitar Model: EG523SC

A few months back, ‘Which Guitar’ was fortunate to be invited to a concert by impressive singer / guitarist Ben Fisher playing his Takamine EG523SC Electro-Acoustic Guitar.

Ben was visiting the UK from Finland where he has been building a large following and a great reputation as a singer-guitarist around the pubs, clubs and cruise ships. He plays a broad selection of well-known covers from a wide range of artists and delivers his music in a relaxed and polished style. Ben’s guitar technique is very expressive and percussive and he has a versatile, mellow vocal style and full range that complements his guitar playing. He is definitely well worth a listen.

Image of Takamine EG523SC Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Takamine EG523SC Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Ben uses a Japanese Takamine Model EG523SC guitar that he bought new from Thomann in June 2010 for just under €600. The body is a Jumbo Cutaway made of laminated maple and has a single cutaway. It has a Sitka spruce top and flame maple back & sides. The fretboard is in rosewood and has 20 frets and Mother of Pearl and Abalone block markers. The guitar looks stunning in ‘Natural High Gloss’ and looks and feels a truly professional instrument. Ben says, the high gloss is possibly not the prettiest finish but he has owned the guitar for over four years now and used it extensively as his main guitar and it has travelled to the Alps with him twice and been thrown around numerous airports in this time and he can testify that the guitar is very durable and the finish very hard-wearing! His Thomann Jumbo hard case has done a great job in protecting the guitar but has not fared so well to the demanding travel schedule and is due for replacement soon.

Ben loves the tonal range of the guitar and feels the bright top end from the maple is balanced very well with the rich bottom end from the jumbo design. The tonal balance suits his musical style well and complements his rich vocal tone. He says the Takamine is ideal for “percussive” right-hand heavy players such as himself. Most of his work is playing solo in shows and the Takamine EG523SC does a great job of filling the sound.

The chrome tuners are stock Takamine and because of his percussive style he does break quite a few strings but the guitar stays in tune well and will settle down quickly (two tunings) after replacing strings and will hold its tuning well with only a couple of windings on the machine head. He uses Adagio light/super light strings and the ever popular Dunlop grippy 0.73mm picks!

The pre-amp is a standard Takamine TK40T with built-in tuner, eq, mid eq “lock” button and a notch filter for removing any troublesome feedback frequencies. Ben plays through his PA with just a touch of reverb and he says the guitar DI’s well and it is quick and easy to get a great sound – and he has never needed to use the notch filter!

Ben admits that the Takamine may not have the best action compared with other guitars in its class but he is used to it and feels the full sound and great tone more than makes up for any slight compromise on playability.

Ben chose the Takamine EG523SC because he had wanted a jumbo guitar for a while and has been a fan of Takamines since playing a local musician’s Takamine in the early days of his musical career. When the Takamine EG523SC came on offer on Thomann’s website he snapped one up immediately and he has been totally satisfied with his choice.