Hercules Auto Grab Bass / Guitar Stand

The team at Which Guitar are all working musicians and I was asked to stand in for a bass player recently who very kindly loaned me his equipment for the gig. The gear included a guitar / bass guitar stand that I had never seen before – a Hercules, Auto Grab Guitar Stand with Foldable Yoke.  

Image of Hercules auto grab bass or guitar stand (in use) suitable for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, acoustic bass guitar or electric bass guitar.

Hercules auto grab bass or guitar stand (in use)

I have used many guitar and bass guitar stands over the years but this one stood out from the others because of its sturdiness, rigidity and unique system that ensures that the guitar is safely locked into position in the yoke by a ‘grab’ system that is driven by the weight of the guitar. The yoke slides down slightly as the guitar is placed in the stand and this closes the arms securing the guitar in place. To release the guitar, all that is required is to lift the guitar slightly to take the weight off the yoke and the securing arms automatically move out of position. The supporting arms of the yoke are covered in soft, SFF lacquer-safe foam rubber so the head of your guitar is not going to get damaged.

The stand is made of black painted tubular steel with tripod legs and the hinge unit for the three legs is painted in Hercules’ signature yellow and has a large, three-sided, plastic-headed bolt to lock the legs firmly in position. The front two legs are also covered with soft, SFF lacquer-safe foam rubber to protect the bottom edge of your prized guitar as it rests in the stand. The rear leg is slightly shorter than the other two which tilts the stand back at around 12 degrees.  The distance between the two front feet is 21″ (53 cms) and the distance between each of the front feet and the rear one is 19″ (48 cms) making the stand very stable indeed. The base radius of the stand is 12.2″ (310mm).

With or without a guitar in the stand, it is practically impossible to knock the stand over from the rear forwards or from the front backwards. Sideways stability is also excellent. In our tests, to tip the guitar over sideways with a Fender Stratocaster guitar in the stand with it set in the lowest position required one of the front feet to be more than 7″ (18 cms) off the ground before the stand over-balanced.

The upper, central tube can be slid down for easy carrying and is located in the lower section by a very simple but effective solid hand-operated ‘grab’ clutch. Adjusting the height of the stand is simplicity itself. Just squeeze the large clamp and slide the upper section up or down to suit the length of your guitar. By our calculations, the stand would accommodate any guitar with a ‘nut to bottom strap button’ distance of up to 47″ (119.4 cms). So it is ideal for a variety of instruments including: banjos, acoustic guitars, electric guitars and short or long scale electric or acoustic bass guitars. Once extended and in position, the tube is located very solidly by a pin running in a channel so it will support instruments weighing up to 33 lbs (15 kgs) and does not move or swing round. The feet of the stand are made of rubber with a series of concentric grooves which make them practically non-slip even on polished surfaces.

Image of Hercules auto grab bass or guitar stand with foldable yoke (Packed)

Hercules auto grab bass or guitar stand (Packed)

The yoke that supports the head of the instrument is permanently attached to the vertical section of the stand and is located in position at right angles to the stand by a substantial, spring-loaded knurled tube that is slid forward to allow the yoke to drop out of position for travelling.

The stand packs down to a neat and compact size (see image) of 27.9″ (710 mm) x 6.1″ (155 mm) and the weight of the stand is a smidgen over four pounds (1.9 kgs). Price bought online direct from Hercules Stands is £33.99 including VAT. While this might be a little more expensive than many tubular or A-frame bass or guitar stands we believe the quality, durability and stability of the stand and the protection it affords your guitar, more than out-weight the small price premium. So we rate this stand as ‘full marks’ for quality and value for money.

Note: Due to the fact that some guitar manufacturers employ unique or non-standard finishes, HERCULES do advise checking with your owner’s manual for any special requirements that your particular instrument might require during storage.

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