Yamaha APX 700 11 Electro-Acoustic Guitar

I bought this Yamaha APX 700 II Electro-Acoustic Guitar a few months ago when I realised I was going to be venturing out of the local pubs and playing a few more prestigious gigs and realised that my ancient, cheap electro-acoustic was in poor condition and probably not good enough in the tone department for the level of gigs that were coming up!

Image of Yamaha APX700 II Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha APX700 II Electro-Acoustic Guitar

A number of musician friends play various models of Yamaha guitars in bands and the guitars all play really well, sound great acoustically and are easy to EQ and sound brilliant when DI’d into the PA, so I thought I would try some out along with the obvious competition.  It soon became obvious that the competition is fierce at this part of the market (a new price around £400).

Having tried a few Yamaha guitars and a number of competitors, I found myself favouring the Yamaha APX range and while the 500 and 700 models are very similar to play and sound very similar acoustically, I felt the APX 700 II  had the edge over the APX 500 II from a tone point of view, when played through a PA. I am not sure why (perhaps just the level of demand) but the black version of the guitar sells for a lot less than the natural wood finished models and as I thought the black looked pretty cool, it was an easy decision for me to go for the black version.

I have used the APX 700 II for gigs and rehearsals and it’s comfortable to play and sounds really good especially when amplified.  I particularly like the fact that the body is quite small and not very wide so it feels comfortable especially if you are swapping to it mid set from an electric guitar.

I use D’Addario medium gauge strings (013″ – 056″) which give the guitar a bright, full tone acoustically and when amplified, which is ideal for the laid back middle-of the road music I have been playing live recently.  The sound has also encouraged me to try out some open tunings and I have even started to learn to play slide guitar!

In my opinion, it’s a good value, all-purpose, electro-acoustic guitar that’s very playable and sounds great especially when amplified.