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‘Which Guitar’ is a FREE ‘E-zine’ written by a small team of gigging guitar and bass players who are passionate about their music and keen to help other musicians find the best value solution to their guitar and bass needs.

We are constantly searching for ‘best value’ electric guitars, acoustic guitars and basses that play like a dream, produce outstanding quality sounds and yet do not break the bank.  We encourage our gigging musician friends and ‘Which Guitar’ readers to tell us about their guitars and bass guitars and tell us why they chose them; why they suit the sound and style of the music they play; their strengths & weaknesses; their playability and how they have modified or customised them to make them the perfect guitar for their particular band and choice of music.

We know from our own experience that gigging musicians, who make their living out of their instruments, are not going to compromise on the quality, tone and playability of their guitars so we are happy to listen to their views and pass them on to our readers. If a guitarist playing in a Dire Straits tribute band has replaced the pick-ups on his 90’s Japanese Stratocaster guitar to sound more like Mark Knoppfler’s, then we are prepared to listen to his views!

Our ambition is to make this website the ultimate reference site for gigging musicians so please visit our other pages to see articles and photos of the affordable guitars, basses, amps, effects pedals and accessories that our readers are using for their live gigs.

Please feel free to contact us about your choice of electric, acoustic or bass guitar and we will send you a simple questionnaire to complete to describe your chosen ‘gigging’ guitar or bass and explain the reasons you love it so much.

If you are aren’t an experienced guitarist and have arrived on the Which Guitar website looking for some guidance on which guitar you should choose to learn on, please visit our ‘Which Guitar Should I Buy To Learn On’ page to see some useful, step-by-step advice from the very experienced Which Guitar editorial team.